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SS Director Kit-NEW

Regular Price: $129.95
On Sale For: $99.00
Item #: VS2001
This all-in-one organizer is a must-have for new SSQ Directors & Reachout veterans alike!
Only 1 Director Kit needed per church:

~ Director Kit Binder
~ Director Guide
~ Teacher Guide Pre-K to 6th Grade
~ Teacher Guide Ages 2 & 3
~ Bible Lesson Curriculum
~ Craft Curriculum
~ Gospel Presentation Manual - "Salvation Sea Crossing"
~ Homeport Assemblies Manual
~ Recreational Packet
~ 4-K Student Logbook
~ 1st-6th Grade Student Logbook
~ Sticker Sheet

Director's Kits are returnable within 30 days if you choose not embark on the Summer SeaQuest. A nominal restocking fee may be required. Call 1-800-283-1357 for more information.

Coming in February '23 Summer Seaquest Curriculum Portal-Your all-in-one-place Curriculum Portal is a must-have resource for SSQ Directors & Teachers! - Containing all items from the Director’s Kit (for sharing among your staff), digital artwork, music, support documents, and links to other helpful related resources.